I’ve been talking about VOX on the air quite a bit over the past few months, and finally took some time to consolidate the links. Click on over and have a listen to these archives. There’s probably more out there, but I’m damned if I can find it.

Pantsuit Politics podcast (19 Oct 2018)

KMUW-FM Wichita NPR “Marginalia” podcast with Beth Golay (28 Sept 2018)

KWGS Radio “Studio Tulsa” with Rich Fisher (21 Aug 2018)

WBZ Boston / iHeart Radio with Laurie Kirby (14 Sept 2018)

IHUB Radio “Conversations with Charlie” (21 Aug 2018)
Link to come!

Louisiana Radio Network “The Jim Engster Show” (3 Sept 2018)

Kansas Public Radio “Conversations” with Dan Skinner (5 September 2018)

Writer’s Voices Podcast (21 Sept 2018)

“Write the Book Radio Show” with Shelagh Connor (Sept 2018)

WMPR Jackson “Conversations Live” with Cyrus Webb (21 Aug 2018)

Professional Book Nerds Podcast (3 Sept 2018)

The Pat Kenny Show – Ireland (Sept 2018)

Radio24 “Il Cacciatore di Libri” with Alessandra Tedesco – Italy (13 Oct 2018)