I’ve been busy for a while now.  2014 saw the birth (and premature death) of a YA ghost story, a full proposal for my middle-grade non-fiction piece on linguistics (along with several chapters), and a polishing of Lucky Thirteen, my first adult mystery/thriller.

At the start of 2015, I began writing flash fiction whenever my fingers got twitchy.  Currently, I’ve got nineteen little pieces up on various markets (plus one scheduled for March 2016), and twenty-odd pieces on submission. Have a peek at the published stuff here.

The YA novel will — at some point — be resuscitated.  That enormous task is going to rhyme with “complete rewrite”, perhaps even an age category and genre overhaul.  There’s some fun stuff in there, but it’s not ready.  So you’ll have to wait.

Lucky Thirteen also underwent a major tweak, which made the Christmas holidays rather interesting.

A completely different novel took over my brain late this past spring and I was hard at work making it shine through the summer and early autumn. No, I won’t tell you about it right now (at least not on this site), because it was written by someone whose name does not rhyme with mine.

As 2016 opens, I find myself at the midpoint of another top-secret novel. I’d hoped to have that one done during National Novel Writing Month, but flash fiction workshops, house repairs, and the annual holiday brouhaha interfered.

And speaking of 2016, I’ve got some happy news to share: I’ve just agreed to teach a fiction writing workshop here in the Land of Styron. Am I scared? Sure. But I’m also excited and hopeful this leads to future gigs. In other words, Dalcher, don’t screw it up.

30 January 2016

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