Amalfi Coast TunnelFall has been good to me! For starters, I got to spend a milestone birthday in Naples — one of the best cities in the world. My novel, VOX, is on the long list for the Mslexia Novel Competition; I’ve been shortlisted by Retreat West for their ‘Black’ themed contest; and I’m reappearing in few of my favorite journals. I suspect there’ll be more news coming soon, so stay tuned. And, as always, thank you for reading my words.

Rusty Was a Good Dog


Update: 27 October 2017

Publications (those in bold red available now!)

Click on the title of the piece to read it.


“Weeknights at Café Suicide” Crack the Spine

“The Hazing of Philip King” Infernal Clock Calendark Anthology (print)

“Lipstick on the Pig” Flash Festival Anthology/Bath Flash Fiction (print)

“Life in the No-Flex Zone” Paper Swans Press (print anthology)

January 2018

“And If We Could Dance Backwards” Moon Park Review

“These Boots of Ours” Bath Flash Fiction Award (shortlisted, print)

“Papaya Dreams, Runaway Girls” Bath Flash Fiction Award (shortlisted, print)

“Regeneration” The Tishman Review

“One Last Endless Summer” Succor (print)

“Little Girl Lost” Succor (print)

December 2017

“On Tuesdays I Wear Her Lipstick” After the Pause

November 2017

“Neverland” Ellipsis Zine ONE (print anthology available here)

“There Is a Difference Between the Pas de Deux and the Solo” Ellipsis Zine

“The Crying Room” Vine Leaves Literary Journal (print)

“Mezzanine” Vine Leaves Literary Journal (print)

“Absorption” Vine Leaves Literary Journal (print)

“Separation” After the Pause (print anthology)

October 2017

“Rest in Pieces” Five2One Magazine’s The Sideshow

“Screen Test” Salomé Journal, Issue 3 (print & digital, for sale here)

“Holy Thoughts” BULL

“The First Rule is Do No Harm” Spelk

“Pain Management” 365 Tomorrows

September 2017

“If You Want the Rest of Your Shit, You’ll Find it in the Starbucks Tip Jar” Maudlin House

“Weeds” Trembling With Fear (The Horror Tree)

“The Truth About Eggs” The Real Story

“Neverland” Ellipsis Zine

“When You Miss My Cooking” Dear Damsels

“A More Authentic Roman Holiday” Fifty-Word Stories

August 2017

“I Ain’t No Fairytale Woodcutter” Reflex Fiction

“Dog Eat Dog” The Molotov Cocktail Flash Worlds Contest (3rd place)

“Silent Sex” TSS Publishing (winner, 1st place, Summer 2017 Flash 500 Competition)

“A Common Everyday Thing, Something You Find Around the House” (b)oink! 

“On the Rocks” Sediments Literary Arts Journal (print)

“Stripped” Sediments Literary Arts Journal (print)

July 2017

“The Barker” The Infernal Clock (1st Place, Flash Competition)

“Two Uncles: A Fairy Tale” Split Lip Magazine

“Why I Won’t Be Saying Grace at Your Dinner Party” Crab Fat Magazine

“Bartholdi’s Electric Light” Whiskey Paper

“If You Add an S to Mother” Whiskey Paper

“Giants and Dwarves” Whiskey Paper

June 2017

“Lincoln, Kennedy, and Me” Non-Binary Review (ebook — $1.99)

“A Killer of a Smile” Danse Macabre

“All My Other Lindas” Solidago Literary Journal (print — $6 from

“Not a Teller of Lies” (b)oink! 

“Night / Sand / Castles” The Nottingham Review

“The Way We Weren’t” Reflex Fiction

“Heat / Wave / Length” Flash Flood

“Table Manners” Fifty-Word Stories

May 2017

“There Are No More Swans at Table Rock Lake” Pidgeonholes

“Dust” Atomic Theory Micro Press

“Carrom” Atomic Theory Micro Press

“The Apostate’s Daughter” Five 2 One Magazine (print)

“Echo” Typehouse Literary Magazine (online and print)

April 2017

“The Memory of Elephants” The Molotov Cocktail (5th place in the Flash Rage Contest)

“Better This Way” The Molotov Cocktail (9th place in the Flash Rage Contest)

“Correspondence” Lost Balloon

“Smallness” The Airgonaut

“Seven Pieces Hang from a Hook on the Door” Tigershark (p. 33)

March 2017

“How to Bake a Heart” Star 82 Review

“Balancing Act” Syntax & Salt Magazine 2017 Staff Issue

“I Am Lazarus” Syntax & Salt Magazine 2017 Staff Issue

“Linguistics in Arrival” Dan (non-fiction/analysis)

February 2017

“Solomon Grundy Waits to Die” Five2One Magazine’s The Sideshow (Bonus: Audio included, read by the fabulously talented Duncan Stanbury!)

“The Substance of Us” Ink In Thirds

January 2017

“Pillow Talk at the Water Cooler: Wednesday Afternoon”
2nd place in Bartleby Snopes Dialogue-Only Contest

“Wernicke 27X” The Molotov Cocktail (4th place in the Flash Doom Contest)

“Earth Tones” Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry

December 2016

“The New Yorkers of Tidewater” New South Jounal

“Sewage” The Nottingham Review

“Rule of Three” 200CCs

“Separation” After the Pause

“Honeymoon at the Pont des Arts: Saturday” Firefly Magazine

November 2016

“A Helpful Phrasebook for Tourists Traveling to Cuba During the Nation’s Time of Mourning” McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

“Not All Points of Sail are Equal” Ad Hoc Fiction

“Delicate Work” Ink in Thirds

“The Man Who Did Nothing” (short story) Front Porch Review

“The Definition of Us” Ad Hoc Fiction (Go to the “Winners” tab and scroll down to read this piece.)

“My Name Ends with Me” Microcosms

October 2016

“It’s My Party and I’ll Scry if I Want To” (hon. mention, 200 CCs Halloween contest)

“You Owe Me” The RPD Society (2nd place, Going Postal Epistolary Contest)

August 2016

“Go Badgers” Defenestration Magazine

“Cat Burglar” Five2One Magazine’s The Sideshow (Bonus: Audio included, read by the fabulously talented Duncan Stanbury!)

“Life in the No Flex Zone” Ad Hoc Fiction (Go to the “Winners” tab and scroll down to read this piece.)

June 2016

“I Am a Spectrogram” Pidgeonholes

May 2016

“Camp Tramp Stamp” 200CCs

“I Am Lazarus” Apocrypha & Abstractions

“Prick, Sting, Wait” Vine Leaves Journal

April 2016

“Diprosopus” Syntax & Salt

“Balancing Act” Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry

“Teratology 101: A Handbook for New Mothers in the Monster Age” Defenestration Magazine

“Brainless” Fifty-Word Stories

March 2016
“Ways to Make Me Leave You” Pidgeonholes (Aught/Naught Issue)

January 2016
Porphyria’s Tricolor (Or, That Browning Poem in Blue, White, and Red) Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry

Circles Five2One Magazine’s The Sideshow

Alice’s Address Book Maudlin House

December 2015
Seven Periods and a Bell” Youth Imagination Magazine

Mrs. Armstrong Counts her Chickens Defenestration

Alice’s Armoire Maudlin House

1967 After the Pause

heat/wave/length After the Pause

November 2015
Out, spot Five2One Magazine’s The Sideshow

Six Sounds Zetetic: A Record of Unusual Inquiry

Alice’s Atlas Maudlin House

The Honey Clusters Bethlehem Writers Roundtable

Renaissance Town Duckbill Anthology

October 2015
The Gazing Glass The Fable Online

House for Sale Pidgeonholes

Me and Ol’ Blue Drunk Monkeys

September 2015
Debt” Saturday Night Reader (Sadly, SNR has shut down effective 19 October. Sorry, folks!)

August 2015
We Don’t Want Any Platform for Prose

April 2015
Days to Go before I Sleep” The Molotov Cocktail  Want the print version?
It’s now available on Amazon in the Prize Winners Anthology!

Stay tuned.  More coming soon.