To Tweet, or not to Tweet?


That was never the question.  Not for this gal, anyway.

Let me explain.

I’m not really a social media fanatic.  In 2013, I went Facebook-free and enjoyed twelve months of liking-sharing-can-you-solve-this-puzzle-in-under-one-minute darkness.  Twas bliss. Read more

The wait


Waiting is hard.  It’s hard for patient people.  And I’m not very patient.

When I hear that little glass ting sound from my laptop, I run.  It means I’ve gotten an email with the word ‘query’ in the subject line.  And an email with ‘query’ in the subject line means I’ve gotten a response from an agent. Read more

Busy busy busy

I don’t remember the last time in my life when I was this busy.

It wasn’t when I started an IT consulting company and had to learn all about corporate taxation inside of a month.

It wasn’t when I wrote my dissertation. Read more

What happens after National Novel Writing Month?


Now that I’ve recovered from turkey, trimmings, and typing, I’m back. It’s been a long couple of months, but the work has paid off — figuratively, at least.  I won National Novel Writing Month, have an 83,000-word book to show the world, and even managed to get that pesky Christmas tree decorated.  (I don’t have to undecorate it yet, do I?) Lucky Thirteen – my first adult novel – consumed the dreary days of winter.  I’ll be posting a few teasers soon, so stay tuned.  Meanwhile, here’s a tidbit from this non-political thriller featuring – you guessed it! – a linguist. Read more

So what does a semi-retired linguist do?

This year, I write.

Between August and now, I’ve written a 76,000-word young adult novel (no, it doesn’t include vampires), drafted two chapters and a proposal for a middle-grade book about linguistics (agents are running away, screaming), and begun working on an adult thriller.  Oh, and I know as much as can be known about the literary agent and publishing business as one can learn in three-months’ time.

It’s tough, but the writing continues.