Tear-Stained Contemplations from The Land of Sherry — Starring YOU

Great things from tiny sparks
Great things from tiny sparks

That’s right. While I sit here in Jerez, wondering when I’ll catch a hop back to The Land of Styron and Barbecue, I’m thinking. Contemplating. Writing a script in my head and picturing a bright, Art Deco marquee with all your names on it, scrolling in some infinite while-do loop.

I love this image and I love the cast of characters. Because I can say with all the surety of an infallible pope that I would not be here without y’all.

So, here we go, lighting up that marquee one name at a time in a rough, if-memory-serves-me sort of order of appearance. Trigger warning: this is gonna be a long post, and there will be exactly zero animated GIFs.

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