The Query/Pitch Critique Contest is now closed (as of 5 PM EDT today, 2 June). Thanks to all who entered and wrote a nice comment about Twitter pitch events. I’m glad to have met (or re-met) each of you!

Just a quick aside here before we get to the heart of the matter:

I decided to offer a free crit when I heard the good news circulating ’round Twitter last week about a fellow writer’s cover reveal. I’m not really gearing up to jump into the freelance editing game–I prefer writing my own stuff and brainstorming/troubleshooting with my lovely critique partner. But Happy Author News seemed a reason to celebrate and to give back a bit to the writing community.

So…no, I’m not planning on barraging y’all with adverts about my writing-related services on offer (because 1, I hate adverts and 2, I have no services on offer). I’ll do more freebie contests in the future–just as soon as another piece of good news hits my inbox or Twitter feed. ‘Kay?

Now for the announcement: The RNG (Random Number Generator) spat out a “6,” so that can only mean one thing:

Congratulations, Jenna Duncan!

(waves flag, but refrains from posting one of those annoying animated GIFs because they make my head hurt)

Jenna, please contact me (via the Contact Form on my site) and paste in either your query or up to four Twitter pitches. I’ll be back in touch as soon as possible and will have a critique for you sometime tomorrow.

In the event I don’t hear from the winner by 10 AM EST on 3 June 2015, I’ll pick an alternate!

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