Thoughts on Twitter (or, Why I might not follow back)

A few days ago I Tweeted, in a roundabout sort of a way, that I preferred Ayn Rand to Gillian Flynn.  Some stranger re-Tweeted that breaking news (not) to eighteen thousand of her followers.  I can’t really imagine any of them give a shit about my literary preferences.

Then I saw a limited-character note from a fellow Twitterer regarding how many people had recently followed and unfollowed her in the Twittersphere. She got the information via and I knew I had to have a peek. Read more

The Birth of a Novel


LUCKY THIRTEEN BannerI should have titled this “How to Put a Strain on Your Marriage and Drive Yourself Insane in Five Short Weeks”, but that seemed kinda long for a blog post title, so I cribbed from D.W. Griffith’s 1915 cinematic masterpiece and changed the last word.

In previous posts, The Road to Getting an Agent Part 1 and Part 2, I wrote about the querying process.  Since I’ve got some time (I hope) before my agent gets back to me with the red-pencil treatment, I thought I’d jot down a few notes about how LUCKY THIRTEEN — and its protagonist Danny Jones — came to be. Read more

Making that bad character badder

IMG_4012 - Version 2

Yeah, I’m a linguist.  I know the word ‘badder’ doesn’t exist in English.  And I know why it doesn’t exist.  So unless you want a dissertation on morphological processes, you might wanna let that one go.

Back to our regularly scheduled programme…

LUCKY THIRTEEN, like all thrillers, has a bad guy in it.  I read somewhere that it’s a rule for thrillers.  If you know me, you know that I’m not a big rule-follower, but this one seemed pretty important. Read more

To Tweet, or not to Tweet?


That was never the question.  Not for this gal, anyway.

Let me explain.

I’m not really a social media fanatic.  In 2013, I went Facebook-free and enjoyed twelve months of liking-sharing-can-you-solve-this-puzzle-in-under-one-minute darkness.  Twas bliss. Read more


We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in my house.  Well, that’s not entirely true: we celebrate it all year round.

But this Valentine’s Day isn’t your average hearts-and-roses-and-chocolate-sampler kind of a day.  This one is special.

You see, I’ve had a few proposals in the past week (and my husband is good with that). They haven’t come in florist boxes or those wee baby-blue boxes from a well-known jeweler; they’ve come in phone calls and emails.  And they haven’t really come for me, but rather for the woman who lives in my head. Read more